We look for those things tat takes you closer to nature, and closer to your self. Everything carefully selected and things we use ourselves. Welcome home. Enjoy the silence.

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What do we want?

Our passion is silence. Not always, not only, but enough. We want to act as a counterforce against all incitement in the world today. We lower the threshold for going out and sleeping in the woods, with hammocks that are more comfortable to sleep in than your bed. Here is everything that can be needed in hammock life, and a few things for the inner life – harmonious wind games, soft yoga mats made of wool and small things that help you in meditation and breathing.

We assume that you do not need anything, but if you want something, it is here. We listen to you and try to bring in what you want that can complement our range. Everything is carefully selected, elegant products that make life a little easier, the mind a little calmer. So we can pay attention to what’s happening around us and inside us; find this emptiness and that amazed wow .

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Useful stuff

Good stuff that makes the world a little better place. Sustainable things for outdoor life and quiet, conscious indoor life. That is our vision and our drive. We love this world and do what we can to make it a slightly better place, one consciousness at a time.

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We're listening

We are small, and want it that way. Then we have time to listen to you and adapt the range to what you want. We are not interested in turning over billions or being e-commerce rockets. We want life to be fun and nice. If we lose passion, we close the store – but we have no plans to do so. It is the meeting with you, and all the nice words of praise, that makes us want to continue. We really believe in what we said – make the world a better place, one meeting at a time.

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Swift & Reliable

We pack and deliver quickly. If something goes wrong, we solve it right away. For now, we ship within EU. Outside EU? Give us a moment and we’ll solve it. EU Shipping from €15 Sorry, no free returns within EU. (but we ask you to think twice before you buy so we do not have to send a lot of packages back and forth unnecessarily.) Payment is made safely and securely with Klarna or Swish.

If you are happy, we are happy

We become happy and warm in the soul every time we receive warm words from you. Customer satisfaction is not about good numbers or ratings – we want everyone who buys from us to be satisfied and feel that they have done something good. If we are to take away the earth’s resources, it must be for something good; high quality and handmade. And with humane, genuine treatment. Is not that what we all want? To be met where we are, as we are. We are humans – amazing beings with infinite potential – not clients or consumers in human costume. We want to meet there. Maybe some big visions for an e-commerce? I do not know, we have succeeded for ten years now, and thought to continue for a while longer.

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Highly recommended.
So nice, genuine and reliable store. Fast, personal service and well-chosen goods. I am a loyal customer!

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Momo Jord - Hammock & Yogalife - Home 38
Momo Jord - Hammock & Yogalife - Home 39

Love my woolen yoga mat.
Among the best I have invested in. Just seeing it feels like ‘coming home’
Momo Jord - Hammock & Yogalife - Home 37

Think the service is first class.
Easy to contact and fast delivery. Highly recommend Momo Earth.
Momo Jord - Hammock & Yogalife - Home 37
Momo Jord - Hammock & Yogalife - Home 42
Family owned

We're a small Swedish family business. With love to the forest.

EU shipping from €10

Free shipping from $300. We ship with DHL.

We love life

And want to do good for the world. Like helping you getting to silence.

Safe payments

Easy safe payments with Klarna.