Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.)
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Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.)

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Beautiful silver jewelry, which is also a breathing trainer you always have with you.

Buy a piece of jewelery of any size at a 20% discount here.

Handmade, in genuine 925 silver.

Breathe better with this breathing jewelry


  • A rhythmic and relaxed breathing can help you reduce anxiety, pain and stress.

  • By improving your breathing, you can relax more easily and get an improved sleep.

  • The breathing piece is a small, elegant breathing trainer that you can always carry with you.

  • A breathing trainer that is also a beautiful piece of jewelry in real silver!

  • Helps the body’s oxygen uptake capacity. Calms the mind.

  • Genuine 925 silver (ie nickel free). Handmade!

  • Silver chain is available for purchase – of course the chain is also 925 sterling silver!

  • Buy a breathable piece of jewelery of any size at a 20% discount here


Elegant and simple breathing resistance in silver. The breathing resistance / silver jewelery works according to the same principle as our Relaxator breathing trainer , but instead of a plastic button (as the relaxer is) you can breathe through a simple, small silver jewelery you always have around your neck – always available.

The breathing jewelry is simple and elegant – a piece of jewelery you can always carry with you – and which constantly reminds you of breathing and how important it is.

The jewelry is handmade, in its own design, of genuine 925 silver and is about 1.5 cm (2 cm with the pendant). The weight is about 2 grams. When you need to calm your breathing, put the jewelry between your lips and exhale through it. The slow exhalation gives the body a chance to relax, raises the carbon dioxide content (and thus the oxygen uptake funny enough) in the blood, and calms the mind.

Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.) 2

Breathing trainer in three sizes

Larger jewelry = less resistance. Yogis should aim for small / medium and you who have never thought about breathing before should start with medium / large. For everyone in between is between a good size.

The breathing jewelry is available in three sizes.

Small : Good for passive It is the smallest and most discreet piece of jewelery, and is suitable for rest, meditation or quiet activities – or for you who can maintain a slow breathing with strong resistance.

Medium : The intermediate model is a balance between still / active and suits most people. The resistances are about 3.7 (out of 5). Good balance between aesthetics and effect. (Between is the size the model wears, and the size most people choose.)

Large : The biggest silver breathing jewelry suitable for activities such as walking, jogging, active yoga etc.   The resistance is equivalent to 3 (out of 5) – also suitable for those who start with breathing training with the breathing jewelry.

All sizes fulfill their own functions and fit at different times, so an alternative is to buy all three at a discount . (And maybe give one to a friend.)

Delivered without chain . However, you can choose to buy more. 50-55cm is recommended: 55 is easier to use but 50 is more “normal” chain length.


Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.) 3

How to use your silver breathing jewelry

  • Use the size that suits you, your conditions and your activity.
  • Keep the breathable jewelry loose between the lips. It can be left on the chain so you always have the jewelry with you. Relax your lips (but make sure the breathing jewelry remains.)
  • Exhale through the respirator. The jewelry will provide resistance and the exhalation will be prolonged – that’s the whole point.
  • Breathe in through the nose. Calm and quiet – just relax and the body will take care of the inhalation itself. Ideally, the inhaled air goes deep into the abdomen, so that the air enters the lower part of the lungs, ie “stomach breathing”. (But as I said, just relax and the body will take care of it itself.)
  • Wear breathable jewelry when you need to focus, calm your breathing or just turn your attention inward for a while. Or train a quarter of an hour 1-2 times a day to train your relaxed deep breathing.

You can train as much as you like with the breathable jewelry – up to several hours a day goes well. It is possible that you feel a little dizzy after breathing through the respiratory jewelry for a while – it is completely natural and is the body’s way of adapting to higher carbon dioxide levels in the blood (which in turn helps oxygen uptake.). Only pause from breathing training if it becomes uncomfortable and pick it up again later.

An optimal breathing is about 6-12 breaths per minute, about a pint of air per breath.

Your breathing should be optimally relaxed, slow and rhythmic.

Tip: If it is difficult to hold the jewelry between the lips, or if there is a lot of saliva, try putting the jewelry in the corner of the mouth. Then it sits better kvr by itself.


Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.) 4


This is how we write about the Relaxator

Relaxator breathing trainer is a breathing resistance that prolongs the exhalation helping the body and mind to relax. The breathing trainer helps you to achieve optimal breathing so that the oxygenation in the body increases – the breathing becomes deeper, more rhythmic and relaxed. You learn to breathe properly, without much effort.
The relaxer can be used both acutely, as in stress or panic, or preventively to learn to breathe properly and function optimally. It is small, takes no focus when you are used to it, and you can use it at any time; in front of the computer or TV, while reading or driving. Or if you do not mind looking a little silly, it is great for walks to increase oxygenation in the blood even more.

The relaxer is good for:
Prolonged exhalation increases relaxation in the body. Your heart rate drops and you experience more harmony.
You train your abdominal and respiratory muscles.
The breaths naturally become deeper.

The relaxer was developed by Anders Olsson at Conscious Breathing , who is also responsible for research on breathing.

I think it helps me get much deeper into yoga / stretch positions through the calm, slow exhalation it gives. Due to its size, the jewelery has a slightly smaller edge than the relaxer, so it takes a little finesse to keep it in place between the lips relaxed. But once you get to it, the jewelry is invaluable for calming and deepening your breathing at any time.


Breathable jewelry can help you breathe calmly and harmoniously

  • Helps you improve your breathing habits
  • A little breathing trainer you can always have with you
  • Which is also elegant and made of silver
  • Super easy to use – exhale through the jewelry, so your exhalation is prolonged – which can increase the oxygenation in the body
  • Breathable jewelry makes breathing more rhythmic, slow and relaxed.
  • If you breathe through the jewelery, you stimulate the diaphragm so that the breathing ends up in the lower part of your lungs – as it should, and where the oxygen uptake is as effective
  • The breathable jewelry is available in three different sizes / resistors, so it fits all people and different activities

Breathe calmly – Reduce stress

When you breathe through the breathable jewelry, you prolong the exhalation, which helps your body relax. When you exhale, the parasympathetic nervous system – the peace and quiet system – is activated and your heart rate drops. There is a risk that you will experience less stress and more and peace and harmony if you breathe regularly through the breathing jewelry. Then you can rest better and achieve more with less effort.

Improved oxygenation with proper breathing

Too shallow or too fast breathing can cause a lack of oxygen in the body. By breathing through the breathing jewelry, you get the air deeper into the lungs, where oxygen uptake is better. The brain, heart, muscles and eyes all need a lot of oxygen to function, and a lack of oxygen in the body can cause these organs to not function optimally.

Rhythmic breathing through the respiratory jewelry

A rhythmic, relaxed breathing – which you get help to build through the breathing jewelry – helps the heart continue with its positive rhythm.

Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.) 5

Benefits of improved breathing

Improved breathing affects many areas of your life. If you are not already breathing optimally, you can have a lot to gain from improving your breathing (for example, by training your breathing with the help of breathing jewelry.)

  • Get more energy. The body’s energy production is much more efficient if it receives enough oxygen.
  • Increased fat burning. For optimal fat burning, the body needs good oxygen supply.
  • Calmer brain. Calm breaths give calmer thoughts. The brain is one of the organs that needs the most oxygen and suffers the most from poor breathing habits.
  • Better sleep. Especially if you learn to breathe through your nose when you sleep (eg by taping your mouth ). Better breathing = better well-being = better sleep.
  • Stronger heart. A calm, rhythmic breathing gives a calm, rhythmic heart. Or vice versa.
  • Better performance. In sports or mental – if you breathe badly, you perform worse. If you do well, you perform better. So simple.
  • Less worry. Try to panic or anxiety with a calm, deep breath. Harder, right?
  • Minor pain. Tense breathing = tense body. Relaxed breathing = relaxed body = less pain.
  • Improved asthma. Improved breathing habits can make asthma better.
  • Get closer to yourself. Breaths are a great opportunity to look inward – who or what is watching everything that happens?

Finally .. I received a nice email I want to share, from a satisfied user of the jewelry. I take the liberty of claiming that something is scientifically proven without peer-reviewed double-blind tests, but it still gives a small indication of its effect. Thanks for the mail! (Do you have any similar stories, feel free to contact me 🙂


I bought your breathing jewelry some time ago and have since used a (medium) bit sporadically. I have just participated in a study called health measurements in nature and is part of a larger project on health and nature. There I had to measure my biodata around the clock via a meter that measured HFV, heart rate variability, a measure of load. I could follow the body’s reactions and my values in real time.

I was thinking of fun to test if the breathable jewelry had any physiological effect and it did! I could go from about 85% load, ie stress, to about 17% load, ie recovery, in three minutes with the help of the jewelry! And it kept going and staying down as long as I breathed through the jewelry! I tested several times to see that it was not a coincidence but it was the same result every time. So now you can say that your jewelry has a proven scientific effect and I recommended everyone in my test group to buy one 🙂

Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.) 6

Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.) 7

Silver breathing jewelry (reduce anxiety, feel better with improved breathing.) 8

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