Bushmen GLOW Underquilt -2 ° c – underblank for the summer


Underquilt / underblanket with recycled down! Compact, lightweight, warm. Graded down to -2. Our first choice when it comes to underquilt!

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  • Bushmen GLOW is a light and warm underquilt / underblanket! Our first choice for underquilt!
  • Weighs only 525 grams (of which 300g goose down, 750CUIN).
  • The underquilt is filled with recycled down! (No unnecessary suffering for your heat.)
  • Comfort temperature: -2 ° c. (Limit about -9 ° C). (Remember that temperatures are always individual. Read more about the bush’s thoughts on comfort temperature here .)
  • Dimensions are 2.0mx 1.4 (top) /1.0 (bottom) m.
  • Pack volume only 3.5 liters!
  • Material: Ultralight ripstop (22g / m2) with DWR water-repellent treatment.
  • Designed to also be used as a top quilt.

I have been looking for a perfect underquilt for a long time. So I unexpectedly ran into Bushmen, and it has it all! Lightweight, warm, well made – and made from recycled down !

The down is recycled by washing (with biodegradable detergents), then the down is sterilized, and the finest is selected so that it reaches up to 750 Cuin, which is a measure of how fluffy (and thus insulating) the down is. Using recycled down does not cause unnecessary suffering (even geese that are well are killed for their down; Chinese industrial down is almost pure torture.). In addition, the ecological footprint in production will be smaller than if new material had been used. Nothing that will save the world maybe, but surely it feels good to do the little you can, especially if it is an easy choice?

However, I did not choose the underquilt because it is made from recycled material – but because it meets everything I want an underquilt, and it is a product I can stand behind and recommend.

Perfect for both Hennessy Hammock and Dutchware Chameleon! (and most other hammocks available.)

GLOW Underquilt – more good stuff

  • The quilt is designed so that the down’s insulating ability is as good as possible.
  • H-shaped chambers ensure that there are no cold spots (such as at the seams in a simpler insulation)
  • The wider part of the underquilt (140cm) protects the head, upper body and arms well. The down there is sewn in squares so it stays in place, and you have a wide insulation that protects against the cold, while you have room to move.
  • At the legs, the quilt is slightly narrower (100cm at the foot end), with down in longitudinal channels, which protects the legs well.
  • The underquilt comes with a tensioner, which makes it easy to attach to basically any hammock. Read the manual here. (In English, translate to this page soon!)
  • The material (ultralight ripstop nylon) is durable and breathable. The fabric is protected with a layer of water-repellent DWR – so you avoid wet down unnecessarily.
  • The underquilt is dark green, with an orange inside. Or, yes, you choose which side you have in or out, so you can choose yourself if you want to blend into nature or be seen.
  • Two expander cords with tensioners are included, so you can easily mount the underquilt on almost any hammock.
  • You can also adjust the underquilt when you are lying in the hammock, so it is easy to get it to sit well.
  • The underquilt can also be used as a top quilt. Then the comfort temperature is approx. + 5 ° c.

Bushmen GLOW Underquilt -2 ° c, specifications

  • Size: 2.0mx 1.4m / 1.0m
  • Weight: 525g
  • Filling 300g recycled goose down, 750 CUIN
  • Comfort temperature: -2 ° c / Limit: -9 ° c


  • 2 x expander cords
  • Compression bag
  • Airier bag for long-term storage (down should not be stored for a long time compressed)

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions0,4 × 0,3 × 0,3 m


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