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Bushmen THERMO Tarp is a strong tarp (rain cover) with an insulating layer.

Insulated tarp

Bushmen Thermo is not like any tarp. Or, to a large extent, it is, but it has a unique property: the insulating layer.

One side is Olive Green. The inside consists of a heat-insulating layer, of the same type as in survival blankets and the like.

The silver-colored inside reflects body heat and raises the comfort temperature slightly.

On hot days, you can use the insulating layer on the outside, so the sun’s rays are reflected and the temperature under the tarp is kept milder.

The thermal layer also protects against UV radiation! In laboratory tests, it has been shown that the THERMO tarps have excellent protection against UV radiation, corresponding to SPF 50. (UVA protection, 97.74%, UVB protection 99.92%)

Loops & Set

THERMO Tarp has specially designed loops that should be easier to use than classic tarp loops. They should be easier to use in difficult circumstances and are more durable by better distributing the force around the tarp. The loops in the corners – which are exposed to the strongest forces – have extra reinforcement. So the tarp is durable.

19 loops and bands are placed on the tarp in strategic places, which makes the tarp versatile. Some with loops and ribbons are for hammocking and the like. Some without ribbons and seams are more intended for using the tarp as a roof and more ground-breaking bushcrafting.

Weather protection with thermocouple pairs

In bad weather, it is possible to use the tarp as a “storm tent”, which insulates from all directions. The thermal conductivity of the tarp is almost 40 times less than sand, or 20 times less than grass, which can provide safe protection in extreme weather.

On hot days, you can set up the tarp with the reflector side outwards, so you get good protection from the sun. You can also use the tarp as an awning, or to protect a tent from overheating, by laying the tarp (with the reflector side out) over the tent. In the same way, you avoid the strong sun through the tarp if you hammock with the tarp with the silver side outwards.

Bushmen has written an article on the uses of tarps. You can read it here: Tarpology .

More uses

This tarp has endless possibilities. You can, in addition to all the ideas above, use it as a picnic blanket, or dry clothes quickly in the sun (silver side up), or as an emergency blanket, or to signal in emergencies. You can even use it as a hammock, as you can see in one of the pictures above. As you can see, the possibilities are many …

The tarp of 4×3 meters is fine enough to build a lavvu / tipi / horny / similar, or to completely enclose your hammock. If you build an “A” windbreak, the height in the middle will be a full 1.7 meters.

Remember that the tarp is not fireproof! Keep it away from sparks, etc.

Bushmen TERMO Tarp, specifications

  • Size: 4×3 meters
  • Pack size: 30cm x 16cm (diam)
  • Weight: about 1100 grams
  • Loops: 19 pcs (16 round, 3 in the middle)
  • Material: Ripstop nylon
  • Weight limit (static): 70kg
  • Sun protection factor: SPF50

Additional information

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Dimensions0,3 × 0,3 × 0,1 m


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