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The Cedar Ridge LeConte Quilt is a super light, warm and versatile top quilt.

The quilt is made for the hiker – it’s simple, weighs little and does its job: keeps you warm.

This model is 30F Long/Reg – so with a comfort temperature of -1°c (In hammock combined with a sufficiently warm underquilt, e.g. Cedar Ridge Convector UQ 20F.)

Long means that the quilt is 208cm long – long enough even for tall people. The width is 132cm, which should be enough for most people.

The weight is 595 grams (our weighing.)

The top quilt is filled with 312 grams of 850FP DownTek down.

The exterior is Argon .90 (15D) in Dark olive. The inside is Argon .57 (10D) in black.

The footbox is Snap & Drawstring – Strong buttons and elastic with drawstrings give you a footbox, but you can also fold

All in all, like everything Cedar Ridge makes, this is a high-quality top quilt that will stay with you for a long time and keep you warm through even the coldest winters.

Cedar Ridge LeConte TQ, Specifications

  • Length: 208 cm
  • Width: 312 cm
  • Weight: 595 grams (our weighing)
  • Includes: topquilt in packaging + cotton storage bag

Additional information

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Dimensions0,4 × 0,3 × 0,3 m


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