Dutchware Chameleon – Build your own Chameleon hammock

Dutchware Chameleon – Build your own Chameleon hammock

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Dutchware Chameleon is the only hammock you will ever need

Now you can build your own Dutchware Chameleon hammock! Choose the bottom, mosquito net, suspension, tarp and everything you want, the way you want it.

Chameleon is Dutchware’s legendary hammock. If you’re here, you’ve probably already checked it out. Is it new to you? Read on, and take a look at all the videos (scroll down), and you will understand how good this hammock is.


Dutchware Chameleon - Build your own Chameleon hammock 2

Dutchware Chameleon is a hammock where all the details are well thought out. In addition to being spacious (11ft = 330cm long), flexible, lightweight, durable and very comfortable to lie in, its strength lies in the fact that the hammock is modular.

The mosquito net is completely removable, with strong zippers on both sides. Do you want an asymmetrical or symmetrical mosquito net? You choose. (Of course, the hammock is mosquito and tick safe.)

Do you want to remove the mosquito net completely, or replace it with a top cover that keeps the heat better? You choose.

Do you want to sleep diagonally or do you prefer to stretch the hammock and get more space over the shoulders? Move the tieout as you like.

Do you need more space? Attach a sidecar, sidesling, top shelf or a ridgeline pocket. Do you need to hang up your underquilt? Chameleon has several strategic D-rings to attach stuff to.

Do you like a special suspension? Use it! I prefer Beetle buckles, so it comes as standard, but with the loops in the hammock ends, you can attach almost any suspension.

The material – Hexon – is super strong and super soft.
Hexon 1.6 is the “thickest” and most durable. 1.0 is the thinnest, weighs almost nothing but has a little more flex than 1.6. 1.2 is a good middle ground, which I think fits well with a double-bottomed hammock.

Do you want to make hammock even more flowing? Dive into Dutchware’s range of hammock accessories. It’s easy to get stuck in, so just a little warning, but it’s fun, so it’s quiet 🙂

Dutchware Chameleon is made to be the only hammock you will ever need. I myself switched to Chameleon, after 10+ years with Hennessy Hammock, and I have never even for a second considered switching back.

What makes Dutchware Chameleon so good?

Not quite convinced yet? Let’s take a closer look at some of Chameleon’s features.

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Remove the mosquito net, or replace it with a top cover that creates a small microclimate (but still breathes so you avoid condensation).

Do you want to upgrade? You do not need to buy a new hammock, just a new module. So you get even more freedom of choice. Do not have a million mosquitoes around you? Remove the mosquito net and lie down and look at the stars undisturbed.

In the same spirit, there are a number of small accessories, such as various small pockets and compartments that make hammock life easier.

Dutchware Chameleon - Build your own Chameleon hammock 4

Choose how you want to sleep

When you sleep in a hammock, you want to sleep a little diagonally, so you lie a little flatter. With the smart mosquito net and zipper, you can choose the direction of your asym mosquito net, so you can lie to whichever diagonal you want.

Dutchware Chameleon - Build your own Chameleon hammock 5

Smart tieouts

Tighten the hammock as you like, with movable tension lines. Freedom. Yes, it is probably actually freedom you buy when you buy this hammock … Not just for the tieouts, but because all parts of the Chameleon are so well thought out and high quality. I love it. Now maybe it’s your turn to get stuck?

Dutchware Chameleon - Build your own Chameleon hammock 6

Dutchware Chameleon - Build your own Chameleon hammock 7

Build your own Chameleon hammock

Here you can build your own Dutchware Chameleon Hammock, based on the parts we have at home. You can choose between:

Hammock Bas

All hammocks come with suspension loops and tieouts (rubber ropes you attach to the ground.)

Chameleon “regular” is 143 cm wide and 330 cm long. Weighs 430g in Hexon 1.6 and 300g in Hexon 1.0
Chameleon WIDE is 173 cm wide and 330 cm long and weighs 460g in Hexon 1.6
Chameleon Double Bottom is 143 cm wide and 330 cm long, and consists of two layers, so you can put a sleeping pad in between. Weighs 584g in Hexon 1.2.

Hexon is the material. 1.6 is thickest (and most stable), 1.0 thinnest (and thus more flexible).

Chameleon Hammock, choose from

Hexon 1.6 Dark Olive – Recommended “standard model”
Hexon 1.6 Coyote Brown
Hexon 1.0 Forest Green
Hexon 1.6 WIDE Coyote Brown
Hexon 1.6 WIDE Dark Olive

Mosquito nets

Asym (asymmetrical) mosquito net – to lie a little diagonally – 124g
Symmetrical mosquito net – if you are freer to lie in whichever direction you want – 140g
Top cover – available in asym and symmetrical. Good for winter camping. See video below.
• No mosquito net – Not recommended (then it is better with an 11ft netless hammock )

Do not know which top to choose? Here is a good article from Dutchware.


Beetle buckles suspension – available in lengths of 8 ‘(244cm), 12’ (366cm) or 15 ‘(457 cm). Sew on dutch clip works as a small carabiner and makes it easier to hook the strap around the tree, but it is not necessary. Standard is Beetle buckle suspension 15 ‘without dutch clip.
• No suspension – if you already have a suspension system from Dutchware
• Whoopie slings – we have not entered the system yet, but if you want to email then we will arrange it.

Dutchware Chameleon - Build your own Chameleon hammock 8


Chameleon has many different storage options. By default, nothing is included, but there are many elegant solutions to choose from.
Sidecar – a large extra pocket on the side
Side sling – long narrow compartment along the side
Peak Shelf – a small shelf at the top of the foot
Bottle Holder – for ridgeline
Storage Pocket – for ridgeline

Tarp / Rain cover

If you already have a tarp, it probably works well for Chameleon. Otherwise, some suggestions follow here:

DutchWare Xenon Hex Tarp 12ft – Lightweight, large, spacious. Good quality like everything by DutchWare.
DutchWare Asym Tarp with Dyneema Composite Fabric – Super light tarp. So really super easy. 93 grams!
DutchWare Two person tarp – Spacious enough for two hammocks and a camp. Or a car if you want.
DD Superlight Tarp XL – Affordable lightweight tarp
Bushmen Termo Tarp 4×3 – Real tarp with insulated inside

Underquilt / underblanket

Underquilt is optional, but it is much more comfortable and pliable than sleeping pads (unless you have a double-bottomed hammock.) And yes, you want something that insulates under you. Yes, even if it’s summer. It will be cold otherwise, I promise.

• Cedar Ridge fits perfectly with Dutchware Chameleon . We will receive several models from them at the end of February / beginning of March.
Bushmen GLOW -12 ° – Perfect winter underquilt. Fits well with Chameleon (and like all other hammocks.)
Bushmen GLOW -2 ° – Thin, lightweight down quilt. Fits well with Chameleon (and like all other hammocks.)


Topquilt is more comfortable than underquilt.
• Cedar Ridge – coming in late February / early March
Pajak Quest Quilt – Lightweight summer quilt

Dutchware Chameleon - Build your own Chameleon hammock 9

More good things

A little more ideas on things you do not have to have, but which make hammock life a little easier and more flowing.

Continuous Ridgeline – Makes it super easy to set up the tarp
Tent poles – to tension the tarp to the ground

Chameleon Videos

Chameleon Hammock

Which top should you choose for your Chameleon?

Moonlight topcover

About double-bottomed Chameleon



Dutchware Chameleon - Build your own Chameleon hammock 10

Want to read even more? See more about Chameleon at Dutchware.

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