Kupilka 21 Moomintroll – Kåsa med Moomintrollet


Kåsa with Moomin Troll.

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Moomin box from Kupilka – made of natural fiber composite.

Small and flexible. Perfect for drinking something hot without burning your fingers.

  • The cup holds 2.1 dl
  • Kåsan weighs 83 g
  • Dimensions: height 60 mm x width 93 mm x length 165 mm

About Kupilka

  • Kupilka’s cups can withstand boiling water as well as thirty degrees below zero.
  • They can be washed by hand in nature but can also be machine washed.
  • Kupilka’s boxes are made from their own biomaterial, through EKOenergy.
  • The cheeses age beautifully and retain their good qualities.
  • You can feel how old a hut is through the scent – the stronger the wood scent, the newer the product.
  • Do not use in the microwave, in the oven or over an open fire.
  • The bags can be recycled, should they eventually break, or be returned to Kupilka and they will be reused.
  • Made in Finland.

Kupilka: Beautiful and functional cups made of natural fiber composite made in Finland.

Kuplilka makes beautiful and functional outdoor vessels made of natural fiber composite made in Finland. With a Kupilka product in hand, the user carries with them an ancient tradition from Finland. The vessels are made of Kareline, natural fiber composite material and both the biomaterial and the products themselves are manufactured with EKO energy and shipped to nature lovers worldwide.

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