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Palo santo from natural branches and trees.

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Palo Santo from natural branches and trees, collected by some nice people along with the indigenous people along the Amazon River.

This Palo Santon is amazing – not least because a friend and I talked one night about Palo Santo, how absurd it is that such a sacred tree (Palo Santo also means sacred wood) has become an industry and trees are cut down so that people around the world may feel “spiritual” – Palo Santo has simply become a big business. So we talked about how it would be nice to find a sustainable and ethical source for Palo Santo. The next day I get an email about just that – this is how it is now in the store, ethical Palo Santo from obvious branches and trees.

Palo Santo is a wood that smells good, quite simply. It is usually used as incense – light a fire on one end, let the fire go out to embers and let the fantastic scent spread in the room. The scent is wonderful, and not as invasive as heavy incense (eg nag champa.) The wood itself is rich in fragrant essential oils such as limonene and alpha-pinene.

Palo Santo has traditionally been used in rituals, purification and other similar contexts. But smelling good is one reason good enough to love Palo Santo.

Palo Santon we sell comes in bags of 50g, which often means 5-7 sticks.
Other names for Palo Santo include Palo de la vida o Santo, Sacred Wood, Holy wood, St. Anthony`s wood, Palosanto, Mallka Waki.

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