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Sleep better with a taped mouth. Sleep tape 1m – one month’s consumption. ( 5 months consumption is available here. )

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Tape your mouth while you sleep? Are you mad? Why?

This is how a first reaction may sound. But it’s actually not a completely stupid idea. Your sleep can be better, you can avoid dry mouth and get a bunch of benefits.

According to Anders Olsson, who started Conscious Breathing a bunch of years ago, this is something many people need. Everything below is based on his research and ideas. If you want to read even more in detail about why, how, etc., you can read more here .

The basic idea is:

Sleeping with an open mouth creates an imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide and causes hyperventilation, which leads to lack of oxygen and restless sleep.


Tape the mouth again when you sleep, so that it is kept closed and the breathing goes naturally through the nose.

It can provide these benefits:

  • Avoid hyperventilation – If you sleep with your mouth open, it automatically means that your breathing exceeds your body’s needs. This hyperventilation creates an imbalance between oxygen and carbon dioxide and gives rise to oxygen deficiency.
  • Keeping your mouth closed – Taping your mouth at night is an easy way to ensure that your mouth is closed and that breathing takes place in and out through your nose. At no great cost, you get the breath to work for you during sleep, instead of against you.
  • Waking up rested – Nasal breathing is the first step to good breathing habits. Nasal breathing when you sleep increases the chances that your body can relax and get the rest and recovery it needs.
  • Gives a deep sleep – Restless sleep is common among those who breathe through the mouth at night. When we perceive threats and dangers, we automatically open our mouths. It is an inherited reaction connected to our fight / flight / freeze system. To get a deep sleep, our fight / flight / freeze system needs to go down on a low flame, which we achieve much easier when the mouth is closed.

Sleep tape, facts

Sleep tape is made of Nonvowen Rayon (free of latex), is hypoallergenic and CE marked.

One strip is 10 cm x 2.5 cm. One package contains 35 strips. Should be enough for a month, but if you use the tape like me, ie about a quarter strip, it will of course last much longer.
( Larger package (5 months) can be found here. )

Are you curious about taping your mouth but find it scary? Read more at how to do it and how to best get used to it.

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