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Best way to hammock. Insulates underneath and protects against cold winds. Fits well with Hennessy Hammock.

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You need insulation underneath to sleep in our Swedish, cold forests. The sleeping bag material is compressed against the fabric and provides no protection against the surrounding cold air. The most common ways to insulate are sleeping pads or under blankets.

Underquilt (underquilt, underblanket) is where the most comfortable way to sleep in your hammock (I think ..). You attach it to the hammock rope and leave it underneath. In this way, no insulation is compressed and your body heat is stored. And you do not have to bother with sleeping bags and sleeping pads – the fewer things in the hammock, the easier it is to get it in order, I have learned during a few years of intense hammocking.

SnugPak’s Undercover is wider than most others, and therefore fits well with Hennessy Hammock, which is a fairly wide hammock. Even fits well on the widest, Hennessy Hammock Safari. So this sub-form is the one I recommend to Hennessy Hammock. – In addition to our own sub-form of course (but which at the time of writing is sold out for at least a few months to come.)

The underlay with Softie Premier filling provides good comfort and retains heat well. Really cold wolf winter nights, you may need to supplement with a sleeping pad or even a blanket, otherwise it is enough for year-round use. It is said to have a comfort temperature down to -5 °, but opinions differ. However, most people think that it keeps you warm down to somewhere -5 ° / 5 °; it depends a lot on how frozen you are, how well dressed you are, etc.

Question: How do I set up my Snugpak Underblanket?

It can be a little tricky to set up the sub-form the first time. So I made a little movie about it:

What I do (which is easiest!) Is that I take all four strings at the short end and sonic tie them (like a big knot) around the hammock line (which goes to the tree). Then I thread the hammock’s stabilization line (the elastic that goes down to the ground) through one of the loops on the short side. Finally, I adjust the tension through the drawstring if necessary.

The underquilt should not sit tight, but it arranges itself naturally when you lie down in the hammock.

It can be a bit tricky to set up the first time, which is why I usually recommend a compression bag XL to pack everything in, so once it is in place, it can stay there 🙂

Snugpak Underblanket – Specifications

  • Weight: 1450g
  • Color: Olive green
  • Length / width: 213cm x 147cm
  • Outer material: Micro Diamond 100% polyester
  • Outer material 2: Paratex antibacterial 100% polyester
  • Filling: Travelsoft 100% polyester
  • Fits most hammocks, not just Hennessy Hammock



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