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We are a small family business and run Momo Jord as one of many things in our lives. Providing perfect service and meeting happy customers / friends is what makes us want to continue running the store. That said, we are not super easy to reach by phone. Momo is more often out in the woods than in front of a screen. Lasse is busy taking care of the footwork in the store and prefers to do one thing at a time. We are all a bit burnt out and try to have a good work / life balance.

We answer the phone when we have the opportunity or the sound is on, but it is easiest to reach us via email or the contact form below . If you want to call, you are of course welcome! Test, or send an SMS and we will call as soon as we get the opportunity. For the same reason, we do not hang out on social media (we prefer nature over mobile screen ..). If you write to us on Facebook, it risks taking a long time before you get an answer (sometimes several months because Momo forgets to look …) Email or call instead. By email we are often super fast 🙂

Thank you for being there! See ya!

PS. Sales calls excluded: We have our phones turned on (sometimes) to help our customers; not to receive sales calls. Sellers, feel free to email your pitch, but please respect our time and energy and do not call. If you call anyway, we will say no as politely as we can and hang up.

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Lasse handles the store’s daily work: orders, deliveries, purchases, payments and returns . It is to him you should turn to stock balances, delivery times and everything that has to do with numbers and stuff. He enjoys good food, new circus performances, good concerts and beautiful sunsets.

Tel: 0730 446 226

butik @

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Momo develops the shop and is a passionate hammock owner for almost fifteen years (he was the first to import Hennessy Hammock to Sweden – that’s how the shop started.) He helps you choose the hammocks we sell and has a general knowledge of the gadgets. 

Update: I’m moving off-grid, to a small cabin by a waterfall in the wilderness. So your mobile will be switched off most of the time – and email replies may take a week or so. Am so tired of screens so sink into the wilderness for real a few months or more.

Tel: 0738 484 225

momo @

Write to us! is run by Momo Jord AB,  Älgstigen 1, 43350 Öjersjö.

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